Hosting of ZONE VI DARTS FEDERATION Annual Championships

Please note:  This list should be treated as a guide only.
Countries should still apply to host the Championships.

  Seniors Juniors Veterans Mines Development
2010 Lesotho   Lesotho Namibia Lesotho
2011   Botswana   Zimbabwe Malawi
2012 South Africa   South Africa Malawi Zimbabwe
2013   Malawi   Namibia Namibia
2014 Zimbabwe   Zimbabwe Swaziland Lesotho
2015   Namibia   South Africa  
2016 Zambia   Zambia Botswana  
2017   Lesotho   Zambia  
2018 Botswana   Botswana Lesotho  
2019   Swaziland   Zimbabwe  
2020 Swaziland   Swaziland Malawi  
2021   Zimbabwe   Namibia  
2022 Malawi   Malawi Swaziland  
2023   South Africa   South Africa  
2024 Namibia   Namibia Botswana  
2025   Zambia   Zambia  
2026 Lesotho   Lesotho Lesotho  

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